" To provide an academic education in an Islamic atmosphere and kindle the flame of Iman in our children"
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The Islamic Educational Academy

The Islamic Educational Academy,TIEA has been a dream of many poor Muslim families in Haripur Hazara, Pakistan for far too long. Haripur,like many other towns in Pakistan,has more than fifty very poor villages in close proximity to it. English Medium education have only been a priviledge to the affluent in society in the past. Today we are living this dream along with all these people.

TIEA was formally opened on February 14th 2010. There are currently 350 students enrolled with our institution  in our 14 classes. Montessori-1 A & B, Montessori-2 A & B , Montessori-3 A & B  , Standard 1 A & B, Standard 2 A & B , Standard 3 A & B , Standard 4 and Hifz of Al Quran al kareem ( Hifz are compulsory for all students ) . The number of admissions was increasing daily but our space is very limited and so there are already many people on a waiting list for admissions for the next academic year .

TIEA is offering both academic and Islamic education. The present system either focuses solely on academic or islamic but not on the two.Our institution hopes to be the first of its kind in Haripur and to cater to the needs of all our students . However it is our goal that TIEA  would accommodate students from all walks of life.

We have many poor and orphan  children in Haripur Hazara who cant afford to get proper Academic & Islamic education, 

In our school Alhamdolillah we are trying to offer free education to poor & needy students, the cost of education of one student in TIEA is Rs,1500.00 per month, If any one willing to sponsor a child in TIEA please contact any member of the board of directors, 
Jazakallah khair ahsanal jaza.




Aims of TIEA

  • Our main aim is to provide sound Islamic and Academic Education in both Arabic and English languages for boys and girls so that they would be able to face the challenges of the future.   
  • Range of Evening Adult Literacy Courses including Nazra of Quran-e-kareem,Tafseer ,Fiqh, Arabic, English & Urdu Languages, 
  • Online courses:     
    ONLINE ENGLISH LANGUAGE COURSE  from UK, USA,Canada and Trinidad for  students of schools , colleges and universities. 
  • Tuition ( extra lessons for students ) from primary till BA , BSC level for all the subjects by the best teachers of Haripur Hazara.  
  • Online teachers training courses.
  • " online Qurran-e-Kreem Lessons " for all Muslims around the globe. (Al Quran Academy)


The Madrasah ( ISLAMIC SCHOOL ) System - The Pride of our Community 

The Christian community has the Church, the Jewish community has its Synagogue, the Hindu Community has it's Mandir, the Sikh community has the Gurdwara and the Buddhists have their Temple and so on…..But the Muslim community not only has the Musjid but also the educational Madrasah.

Al-hamdulillah, Allah Ta’ala has blessed the Muslims with such a great bounty where children from as young as five learn to read the Qur'an, Islamic Taarikh (history), Adab & Akhlaaq (Manners and Etiquettes), Hadith (Traditions of Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wassallam), Fiqh (Basic Islamic Rulings) and much more. This is also where children complete Hifz (the memorisation of 30 chapters, 114 Surah's and 6236 verses of the Holy Qur'an!). This in itself is a miracle of Allah Ta’ala, but the message I am trying to get across is that the Madrasah system is a bounty which through the efforts of our pious predecessors, for hundreds of years, has educated us and has saved many of us from becoming completely neglectful of the Deen.

How many Jews can read the Torah in its original Hebrew text? How many Christians can read the Bible in its original Aramaic text? How many Sikhs and Hindus can read their respective books in their original text?

Today more than 80% of Muslims can read the Holy Qur'aan in its original Arabic text. This is all through the blessings of the madrasah which even your local ‘Molvi' owes a great deal to. Through the madrasah, an individual bases his or her moral values which carries them throughout their life.

Unfortunately, nowadays we don't value the madrasah as much as our predecessors did. Islamic education is being disregarded. Instead of sending our children to the Madrasah to gain the necessary Islamic knowledge and practice, we would rather send them to an after-school homework club or to football practice. We have this attitude and tend to think that when our son or daughter has completed the recitation of the Holy Qur'an once or twice, then their Islamic education is complete. We don't filly realise the spiritual benefit of the madrasah. As soon as a child steps out of the house, he or she becomes exposed to various kinds of evil temptations and mischief. The child falls prey to the tricks of the Shaytaan. As soon as they enter environments where there is little respect of teachers and the child sees the area as unsanctified, flirtation becomes a thing of the norm, swearing becomes a core part of the limited vocabulary, slander and backbiting become the discussions of the day. So many other vices become part of the child’s everyday life.

But when a child comes home, performs Wudhu and then goes to the Madrasah, He/she will safeguarded from these  practices. The child will sit in such an environment where the words of Allah Ta’ala are recited in melodious tunes, stories of the Ambiyaa are mentioned, and Sunnahs are explained. What can be a more virtuous gathering than this?

It is for this reason that I plead to all parents not to withdraw their children at a young age because of what has been mentioned. A couple of hours of madrasah a day really can keep Shaytaan away!


Mufti Tanweer Ahmed

Trinidad & Tobago
Cell, 1-868-476-3063
Office, 1-917-775-6882
Pakistan cell, 92-300-922-8163

Vice president
Mrs Majidah Ria Ahmed
Trinidad & Tobago
Cell, 1-868-378-7159
Office, 1-914-930-0279
Email, majidah.ahmed@


Mr Haji Aurangzeb

The Islamic Educational Academy
Haripur Campus , Pakistan
Cell, 92-300-277-0191 

Office, 92-995-610-348

Vice Principal
Mr Shakeel Ahmed

The Islamic Educational Academy
Haripur Campus , Pakistan
Cell, 92-336-902-7732
Office, 92-300-216-6977

Other Members of the board of directors

Mr Mushtaq Dhakawala     Pakistan
 Mr Mehrban Khan,           U A E
Mr.Mohammad Hussain,
Mrs.Fozia Hussain,
Mr.Muhammad Nasar,
Mr.Tasib Hussain,
Mr.Aliff Ali,
Mr Aurangzeb 
Mr Shahbaz Khan
Mr Jahanzeb Khan

Other  employees  of TIEA

Head of Primary section ,
Head of Montessori section ,

Nazim-e-Taleemaat ,
Nazima ,
4 Qari saheban  for Hifz Al Quran Alkareem ,
2 Clerk for office work  ,
3 Security officers ,
2 Female cleaners And 2 male cleaners for school
16 Female teachers  for Islamic & Academic subjects ,

Miss Haleema 
Miss Nazra

Mr Mushtaq Dhakawallah
Mrs Sobia  & Mrs Nazia   , (Head Teachers of Islamic Studies for female teachers )
Qari M Hafeez , Qari M Younas, Qari M Sabur  & Qari M Liaqat
Miss Adeela BiBi  &  Mr Mahmood Akhtar
Imeer Sahb   ,  Mr Aalam Zeb   & Mr Zahid