" To provide an academic education in an Islamic atmosphere and kindle the flame of Iman in our children"
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Montessori 1 Curriculum  

A. Activities

The four/five year old needs to build a sense of themselves as a problem-solving, reasoning individual, while developing trust and independence.This is accomplished through many play experiences. Play is a key mode to development. This program includes art projects, skill builders, circle time and group activities, allowing the child to gain a greater awareness of his/her individuality. This class will also provides many opportunities to discover and explore with an emphasis on early literacy in a child-centered environment. A variety of activities with high interest theses and related field trips are planned to promote positive social interaction and a solid base for continued learning is established for those going on to the kindergarten class.

Also at this stage we usually introduce ALL the Islamic subjects,Tareekh, Aquaid, Aqlaaq and Adaab, duas and Salaat and Hifz.

B. Skill Areas Covered

1. Motor

a. Large motor movement

(1) Running
(2) Jumping
(3) Climbing

b. Small motor movement

(1) Crayons, markers
(2) Paints
(3) Glue
(4) Manipulative games
(5) Puzzles
(6) Learning finger plays
(7) Building with blocks

2. Language Development

a. Singing songs
b. Reciting finger plays
c. Speaking in complete sentences
d. Feeling comfortable expressing ideas
e. Introducing lower case letters
f.  Question of the week
g. Name recognition
h. English,Arabic building blocks

3. Social Skills

a. Learning to share and play well with others
b. Learning to respect the property of others
c. Learning to respect the feelings of others
d. Manners

4. Math Development

a. Counting numbers 1 through 20
b. Sequencing
c. Graphing & Computing

C. Unit Topics

1. Colors
2. Shapes
3. Dinosaurs
4. Space
5. Animals
6. Insects
7. Sea Life
8. Plants
9. Holidays
10. Seasons


A. Activities

The five  year old programe will help your child gain the skills and personalreadiness necessary for primary school. Four and five-year old children willflourish in this stimulating setting as they learn pre-academics, socialskills, motor skill, science and art through a combination of play andstructured learning. Children will be exposed to relevant and interestingthemes such as the solar system,insects, weather/seasonal changes, sea lifeand transportation. Planned field trips compliment activities and conceptspresented at school.
Also at this stage we usually introduce ALL the Islamic subjects,Tareekh,Aquaid,Aqlaaq and Adaab, duas and Salaat and Hifz.

B. Skill Areas Covered

1. Motor Skills

a. Large motor movement

(1) Jumping, running
(2) Rolling and throwing a ball
(3) Distinguishing right and left hands

b. Small motor movement

(1) Control with crayons, markers, paint
(2) Using paste and glue
(3) Doing finger plays
(4) Writing first name when ready
(5) Scissors

2. Language Development

a. Expressing ideas
b. Speaking clearly
c. Speaking in complete sentences
d. Singing and reciting songs and finger plays
e. Speaking in front of peers
f.  Learning new languages

3. Reading and Math

a. Introduce upper and lower case letters
b. Introduce left and right
c. Introduce top and bottom
d. Classify objects
e. Dictate stories
f. Days of the week
g. Patterning
h. Sequencing
i. Estimating
j. Identifying basic shapes
k. Beginning number concepts
l. Counting

4. Science

a. The five senses
b. Nutrition
c. Weather
d. Animals
e. Seasons
f.  Computers

5. Social Studies

a. Myself, my friends, my school
b. Community helpers
c. Transportation

6. Art

a. Basic colors
b. Crafts
c. Painting

7. Music

a. Instruments
b. Following directions from songs
c. Rhythmic clapping

8. Social Skills

a. Working and playing with others
b. Self-control
c. Respecting property of others
d. Recognizing and accepting responsibility

C. Unit Topics

1. Dinosaurs
2. Space, Stars, Planets
3. Sea life
4. Insects
5. Farm Animals
6. Holidays
7. Seasons
8. Alphabet
9. Rhyming