" To provide an academic education in an Islamic atmosphere and kindle the flame of Iman in our children"
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Frequently Asked Questions

 Why should our children be taught in English?

English is the official language of Pakistan. It is used in all domains of power - government,bureaucracy, military, judiciary, commerce, media, education and research - at the highest level. Because it is empowering to learn English, people all over the country are ready to invest in it for the future of their children.Peace and Democracy in South Asia,( Dr. Tariq Rahman )

Why is TIEA different from other English Medium Schools?

TIEA is offering both academic and Islamic education at the Montessori and primary school level. The present system either focuses solely on academic or islamic but not on the two.Our institution hopes to be the first of its kind in Haripur and to cater to the needs of all our students from all walks of life. In the past English medium schools have only be a privilege to the affluent of the society.However, TIEA  hopes to accommodate students from all walks of life.

Is TIEA accredited?

Yes TIEA is accredited by the Pakistani education board.

What is the  teacher/student ratio?

Our Montessori department has a teacher student ratio of  1 teacher to 15 students. We recognize the need for these children to have individual attention. From Standard 1 upwards there is a  student teacher ratio of 1 to 25.

 What facilities are available?

TIEA can boast of its’ modern system of education and infrastructure that is available for both the students and teachers… cameras, computers, air- conditioning, heating system, modern classroom furniture in a clean environment that is conducive for learning.

What curriculum would TIEA  adopt?

TIEA would be following a syllabus from South Africa which was puttogether by an expert team of scholars. This curriculum  have been used successfully in Western Hemisphere and in many other parts of the world.Our  team of educators at TIEA  have many years of experience and are ranked among the best in the teaching industry.

What are the ages at which children can gain admission into TIEA?

Normal ages of pupils at the time of admission

Class                              Age

Montessori - 1                3+

Montessori - 2                4+

Montessori - 3                5+

Standard  -   1                 6+

Standard  -   2                 7+

Standard -    3                 8+

Standard -    4                 9+

Standard -    5                10+